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Misplaced youth

Images from a number of films shot in the outskirts of Sapa, Vietnam. This tiny village seemed organised around an elementary


Lorena Luchian, 2012

Stalingrad en noir et blanc


  35mm,  Refugees camp, Stalingrad, Paris

Faces of India

35mm,  Portraits taken in India


  35mm,  Refugees camp, Stalingrad, Paris  

Alice in Wonderland

Nicoleta Lefter as Alice

Ballerina Project

   Beautiful ballerina Andreea Climov The first image of this project has been shortlisted at The Sony World Photography

Summer nights

  35mm, Sunsets this summer shot from my window

Dismantling the camp

35mm,  The Parisian police has orders to disassemble the Stalingrad refugees camp, no photography allowed.

The aftermath

   35mm,  Once the Stalingrad camp was evacuated. The boulevard seemed vacuumed for a while, but it was not long until


  35mm, Marché de Barbes

Afropunk, Brooklyn, NY

  35mm,  Afropunk, Brooklyn, NY 2014

Faces in fashion

35mm,  NY Fashion Week 2014

Philip Johnson’s Glass House

  35mm, Philip Johnson’s Glass House