deborah feldman
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I think of my camera as my window to the world.

I went to university to be an actress and studied architecture at the same time. I left Bucharest, my hometown, for Paris.
An year later I left for New York, to spend the summer as a photographer for a fashion magazine.
From there on I moved for a job in India. I spent almost an year there, travelling, photographing, and interior reorganising myself.
I left india for Tokyo where I worked in an architecture practice before returning to Paris.

Photography has been my companion, my intimate diary, all along the way. I am longing for connection, to see and be seen.
I am curious and on a hunt for experiences and people that can teach me something about myself and the human nature.

All images are available in limited series of 50  (10 x 15 cm) prints signed and numbered in pencil on photographic paper for 50 euros .
Custom sizes are available and shipping is worldwide.

Thank you for stopping by my cabinet de curiosité and feel free to drop me a line for collabs, talks or prints.